Allowing a child to play in the snow without a coat and gloves is absurd.  Allowing a guest to travel without insurance is exactly the same.  We believe in being fully protected.  Travel Insurance is an absolute must in completing a travel package.

Insurance offers peace of mind as well as providing necessary protection against the wiles of the world.  While we provide insurance from several suppliers, there is one with whom we prefer to work based on their performance, cost of product, honoring claims, and variety of protection plans.  Travel Guard by Chardis is our preferred insurance carrier and we are very pleased to be associated with them.  This endorsement is completely unsolicited, but after years of selling insurance from a variety of providers is our true feeling and belief.

Imagine leaving home with your doors unlocked and windows open – you wouldn’t.  So why would you leave the country without taking the same care for your person and your belongings? 

Most plans provide cancelation protection, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage protection against loss, theft and damage.  Plans can also include a health insurance plan offering $25,000 in coverage for accident and sickness expenses, airlift services bringing you back to the United States and sometime to a hospital of your choice.  Also, emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains and a life insurance policy are major part of most policies.

Quoting prices for insurance is not difficult, but can only be done accurately once the travel package is complete because the cost of insurance is most often a combination of the age of the traveler and cost of their trip.  Whether across the state, the country, or across the globe, we recommend you don’t leave without insurance protection.

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