Occasionally, going deep into the interior, spending days soaking-up the culture and feel of a country or city is just what’s needed.  But, “Where do I stay, what part of town is safe, and what should I do?” are important questions to ask.  Consider this scenario…

You’ve booked a hotel on a discounted, do-it-yourself website only to arrive and find you are staying in the heart of the financial district.  Not a problem if your purpose is financial or business.  However, if on vacation, at the close of the day there are no near-by shops or open restaurants and cost of taxis to get to any point of interest or dining establishment costs more than if a hotel in another part of town (even if more expensive on that website) had been chosen.  These types of mistakes won’t happen when working with us.

We offer complete packages.  Airfare, transfers, car rentals, accommodations, tours, site-seeing options, museum tickets, theme park tickets, and so much more are all parts of our planning services.  As detailed with as much as can be done or the minimalist itinerary that fits your desires are what we provide making your trip uniquely yours.  GoGo Worldwide Vacations is a perfect partner to support our efforts and make our services complete and competitive.  We value the relationship this partner has built with us allowing us to serve you as effectively and efficiently as we do.  Packaging various tours with accommodations and airfare many times lowers travel costs just as bundling your typical home entertainment and communication services lowers costs.

Sometimes you want to leave the driving to someone else and just be a spectator along the way.  Escorted tours are the perfect way to go.  Globus and Cosmos along with a number of other companies offer countless options for motor coach tours ranging from a few days to over one month excursions across the globe.  Accommodations, many meals, entertainment, and of course the transportation are all parts of these tours.

Australia, New Zealand, Asia & South Pacific
As a Certified Specialist to these destinations, Scott is more than thrilled to share his passion for these incredible countries.  From the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, the Maori Indians of New Zealand to welcoming greetings from the Polynesians, these places have more to offer than can be shared here.  The Blue Mountains with a stay at Lilianfels, climbing the Sydney Bridge, Sounds of Silence Dinner at the foot of the monolith – Ayers Rock, Staying in a first-class resort among the treetops in the Daintree, and a dive into the depths of the Great Barrier Reef are all highlights of previous trips that Scott is ready to share with you.
Business is built on partnerships and one of the most valued partnerships is IGTravel’s relationship with Travel 2.  With their support, service and customization of any desire to this region of the world, IGTravel can provide guests with a travel experience that will provide memories that will not only last a lifetime, but bring joy to the spirit every time it’s recounted.

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