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Established in 1983, International Gateway Travel started its humble beginnings in a small store-front in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Today, headquartered in Litchfield Park, Arizona, IGTravel is one of the remaining store-front agencies.  Located in a prime spot at Camelback and Dysart roads, IGTravel is ready to welcome you to a warm, comfortable place to talk travel, get answers to questions, enjoy a beverage and begin the process of getting form here to there.  Our office isn’t your typical “office” ~ Come see for yourself!

Located across the country, IGTravel also has a presence in Dallas, Texas, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Las Vegas, Nevada, and two new offices opening in 2013.

At IGTravel, our staff has over 95 years combined experience in the travel industry; we have sailed for more than 800 days, taken more than 2000 flights, and spent countless hours touring cities and country sides around the globe.  We are thrilled to share our love for the world and what it holds in store for you.

Owner and president Scott D. Jueckstock has lead the company since becoming GM in 1999, and after a short sabbatical following the events of 9-11 purchased the company in 2008.  Today, he has set standards and has been recognized internationally, regionally, and locally with several awards.

Speaking of awards, check this out…

International Gateway Travel

2012 – CMU’s Talk of the Town 5-star Customer Service Award
2012 – Best of the Best for Travel Agents Metro Phoenix – United States Dept. of Commerce
2011 – Best of the Best for Travel Agents Metro Phoenix – United States Dept. of Commerce
2010 – Best of the Best for Travel Agents Metro Phoenix – United States Dept. of Commerce
2009 – Best of the Best for Travel Agents Coral Springs – United States Dept. of Commerce
2002 – Opal Award Nominee – Australia Tourism Board

We have been recognized by AAA and honored with an A+ rating and IGTravel has been a member since 2009.


Scott has many other achievements which demonstrate his commitment to the travel industry and more importantly to you our client and guest. 

Scott D. Jueckstock
  Certified Aussie Specialist  Certified Kiwi Specialist
  Certified Greek Specialist  Israeli Specialist
  Master Cruise Consultant  IATA Certified Agent/Agency
  Super Clubs Super Agent  Registered Tour Conductor
  Vacation Vignette Host  Licensed Insurance Broker

  IATA – since 1997   Vacation.com – since 1997
  BNI – Since 2000
  Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce – Since 2012
For some, “loving to travel” is a phase, but is often times a desire more than an accomplishment.  For Scott, he has been to all 7 continents, over 98 countries and he has visited more than 200 cities worldwide and by end of 2013 will take his 63rd cruise.  “Loving to travel” obviously is a way of life for Scott.

Also, a published author, Scott has written for Condé Nast Travel, Travel Weekly and Fountain Magazines.  Truly Scott knows travel.  Personally, with over 25 year’s total experience, his background includes in-flight coordination with a major airline carrier, management with a major cruise line, and now over 16 years as an agent.

Andrew, Jose, Katherine, Laurie, Nancy, Pam, Rob, Roy, Tami, and Taz are ready to speak with you, and get you started in taking your dreams of seeing the world and turning them into reality.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step – your call or visit to IGTravel.

So it’s no doubt and without reservation we believe anyone of us at IGTravel has the ability, knowledge, and skill to get you where you want to be, whether air, land or sea, absolutely worry-free!

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